What Can I Say I’m Thankful for On Thanksgiving?

With the entire hustle bustle in our lives we get a chance of giving thanks on thanksgiving to thank and be grateful to the people in your lives who have done things for you. 

This festival is basically a day to express gratitude and feel thankful for us to time out and thank people. Here is a list of seven things about which you can feel thankful this thanks giving day.

  • Sense of safety
  • Good health
  • Faithful family
  • Loving animals
  • Job to work
  • Strong friendships
  • Place to call home

Here are some best inspirational quotes for thanksgiving which you can use on this day to wish people and thank them. 

Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving for you 

  • Thanks giving is just not a day but a time of togetherness and thankfulness.
  • We should be thankful for what we already have and we will further end up having more.
  • Gratitude helps us to see around and notice what is there with us instead of what we don’t have.
  • Wear gratefulness like a cloak and it will feed every angle of your life.
  • Thankfulness allows us to be happy and contented.
  • Thanks giving is meal which we aim for other meals to be similar to.
  • Showing thankfulness is one of the easiest as well as the most powerful things which we can do for each other as humans.

We hope that you were able to use these some of the best thanksgiving quotes and share them with your friends as well as family. 


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Posted Nov 21 2022, 09:35 PM by onlinegeeks